Residential Insulation

What is Home Insulation

Home insulation is the process of applying sufficient insulation into the structures of your house. Insulation can be applied in the flooring, walls, roofs, crawl spaces, ceilings, basements and more. Having quality insulation can provide an array of benefits for your home. Your home deserves the best and we recommend spray foam insulation to effectively insulate your home for cost-effective, sustainable and energy conservation benefits.

Save Money

With quality home insulation you can cut your energy bills up to 50% per month. Insulating your roof, walls, floors and more creates a home with effective energy conservation that decreases your energy consumption and therefore reducing your energy bills. It is a simple as that, the less heat that escapes your home the lower your bills.

Eco Friendly

At the heart of our ethos lies eco-friendly and sustainable services. That is why we apply insulation with sustainable and eco friendly products. We create homes, sustainable for the future. Our foam insulation is 100% water blown, removing the need for toxins and pollutants, creating a clean atmosphere, internally and externally.

Lifetime Installments

When you put your trust in us, to insulate your home, we provide a service for a lifetime. With our spray foam insulation, your home will be insulated and it will last as long as homes lifespan. We want to make sure that your investment in us is a lifelong investment to benefits your home and your living standards. Because you deserve the best.


Over our 15 + years of experience, we have collected excellent reviews from thousands of clients across Northern Ireland, we have over 9.9/10 scoring from our customers.

Great from start to finish. After another company let me down, I spoke to Campbell SprayFoam, who couldn’t be more helpful. The rep (Ciaran) that visited was very good and understood my needs and went all out to help. Very good price, great service and great work. I cannot find any fault through. Well done all

Loft & Wall insulation

Work was done exactly as promised. The installers were very organised, friendly, efficient and tidy. The spray-foam is great – really effective.

Roofs & Walls

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